-Shaped and unshaped refractory products

-Monolitics ( basic ramming mass, gunning material, acidic ramming mass, plastic, mortars )

-Basic Bricks (MgO-C brciks and DBMC bricks for EAF, Ladle and Convertor )

-Dolomite Bricks

-Silica Refractories ( Coke owen refractories)

-Fireclay & High Alumina Refractories (Al-SiC bricks for torpedo ladle car and AMC bricks for steel ladles)

-Flow control Refractories ( slide gate plates, nozzles, porous plugs, tundish nozzles, seating block, and well blocks)

-AG Refractories (SES,SEN, Ladle shrouds,Stoppers, Tundish nozzles)

-Tap hole clays

-RH Snorkel